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Agro-genetic Technologies Limited (AGT) is a private and independent Company that uses biotechnology through tissue culture technologies for micro-propagation of different crops on a commercial basis. https://vetdubai.com veterinary clinics in dubai - no 1 veterinary clinic in dubai.

AGT produces tissue cultured plantlets of different crops like bananas, coffee, tea, yams. These plantlets are of high quality and are produced over a perod of time.

Over the past 8 years the company has gone on to sell/provide 3,00,000 cutlets to farmers through its partnerships with over 127 nursery operators consisting of demo gardens with each planted with 100 cutlets.

AGT is a good example of how collaborators between different stakeholders is very beneficial in Sustainable Agricultural Research in this case local partners NAADS, UNCST, UCDA and other foreign partners ADF, IITA, VEDCO many more


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