Tissue Culture Business NetworkTissue Culture Business NetworkTissue Culture Business NetworkTissue Culture Business Network
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Tissue Culture Business Network (TCBN) is an organization that was formed in 2006 to make available appropriate tissue culture technologies, capacity building of its network members and to provide a forum for information generation and dissemination. Самая свежая информация cyprus rent a car у нас.

TCBN is comprised of partnerships among public and private stakeholders in the area of Tissue Culture Development and Technology with all its members from the East African region as defined by The Agro-biodiversity and Biotechnology Programme (ASARECA).

Mission Statement

To have enhanced sustainable productivity, value added and competitiveness of Tissue Culture Research in Eastern and Central African Region through enhanced utilization of Tissue Culture Germ Plasma, exchange ideas, experiences and discussion of challenges, opportunities, strategies and mechanisms for tissue culture applications in the Eastern & Central Africa sub-region


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